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Airpure Large Scented candle-510g 18oz


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  • CANDLE JARS IN A CLASSIC DESIGN – Add a decorative detail to every room while infusing the air with lovely scent. These classically shaped jar candles fit any decor on shelves, tables or counters in contemporary or traditionally decorated rooms.
  • UP TO 120 HOURS BURN TIME – These 18oz. large scented candles burn up to 120 hours, providing an enchanting fragrance to freshen and lift any room. Ideal for the home or office or wherever you need a scent that’s refreshing to the senses.
  • DELIGHTFUL LARGE SCENTED CANDLES – Use your one favourite scent or give each room a different smell with our selection of delicious fragrances ready to fill your home with a warm and homey aroma.
  • ADD THE AMBIENCE OF CANDLES- Enjoy the allure of candlelight and create the atmosphere you desire. Candle jars make it easy to switch scents to create a mood or to enhance the holidays. Ideal for home staging or Christmas parties.
  • 100% VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE – As with the other Airpure fragrance products, this fragrance candle is made without using any animal products, by-products or their derivatives for a completely cruel-free product.

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Apple cinnamon, Raspberry bliss, Vanilla cupcake, Sicily Sweet pea, Cinnamon spice, Man cave, Linen room