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Wood grain humidifier-300ml


Power: 5V
Power: 2W
Water capacity: 300ML
Material: ABS
Color: Dark wood grain, Light wood grain
Size: 110*110*115mm

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1. High-frequency sputum film: high-frequency atomization is more delicate and moist.
2. High-quality material: ABS material, healthy, environmentally friendly and odor-free.
3. Easy to use: The opening design is easy to clean and add water.
4.USB power interface: can be connected to the computer, charging treasure and other USB interface devices, enjoy the moisture anytime, anywhere.
5. Sonic atomization: delicate and moist, high-frequency sound waves fully release water ions.
6. Silent design: Silent humidification, does not interfere with your sleep.
7. Applicable places: Suitable for office, car, family or dormitory.

1. Sound wave atomization, delicate moisture, high frequency sound wave vibration fully release water ions.
2. Exquisite design, suitable for office, car, family or dormitory.

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